Who is this guy?

My name is KC, and I LOVE reading self-help books.

The first day after this last semester ended, the first thing I did was go to a bookstore with a friend of mine and spend 4 hours reading as much as I could about almost every book in the self-help section. If you look in my phone’s photos, you’ll see that I took photos of hundreds of books that I was interested in:

With the free time I’ve had this summer, I’ve spent a majority of it sitting on a bean bag, reading, and taking notes all day. So many times people have come in, said “You’re still there!?”, or eventually become used to me just reading all the time.

My Dream? To be a life coach and motivational speaker.

If I could live a life where I helped people apply the kinds of lessons and perspectives you gain from these books, that would be incredible. Someday, I want to work in a way that I can spend all of my time helping people achieve their goals through these ideas, and then read even more self-help books in my free time. I mean that’s what it’s all about right? I want to live a life where I can commit myself fully to helping people and always learning.

To get there, I’m doing a few things. I’m changing from an Environmental Science to Psychology major at UC Berkeley, and very recently I’ve also started working with a life coach here in the Bay Area (check here out here, she’s awesome!). I’m reading as much as possible in between these things, and of course, I’ve started this blog to bring it all together and share what I learn. In the next few semesters, I’m also going to try and start a book club for people who like to read Self-Dev, as well as maybe even lead a student course on wellness and success

Some of my favorite words are learning, growing, and living.

Hopefully, my work with 5MM won’t just be a recap of the books that I read; My biggervision for this blog is that it will document my journey as I try to make this dream a reality and that I can share that journey with people like you. This journey is all about finding myself, learning new things, and growing as a person; My hope in creating 5MM is that by sharing that experience, I can help you do those things too.

Let’s live a life where everything is meaningful rather than pointless, where we’re always growing instead of just trying to survive, where we wake up every day excited to commit ourselves once more to something we’re passionate about, whatever that may be. That’s the life I want to live, and the life I want to give to others.

Fiat lux!! “Let there be light”


Beyond the Books: who am I?

I like working out, and recently left weight training to start calisthenics. I’m enjoying it so far! I love dogs and wish I could be one. I like spending time out in the sun, regardless of what I’m doing. I really enjoy a good game of ping pong, and have been throwing frisbees around since I was 5 years old. One of my favorite things to do is explore new places, urban and especially outdoors. My favorite color is the color of my Nalgene bottle, and my favorite ice cream flavor is mint and chip. I LOVE eating burgers, and may someday start a blog about those too (we’ll see!)

Honestly though, you can also probably get to know me pretty well by following me on social media.. Follow me on snapchat (code below) or instagram to see my a more day-to-day of who I am and what I’m up to!