Summer Is Great for Self-Dev, but Here’s How to Be Successful All Year Long

So many of you guys have gotten to see me change this summer. To name some of the biggest things, this Summer I:

  • Cut off my hair to try and have a good personality regardless of looks (here)
  • Took a music detox to try and appreciate it more (here)
  • Got rid of most of my possessions to be a more intentional person (video coming soon)

The joke has been made more than a few times recently: “I’m becoming a monk!” or “Berkeley’s finally gotten to me!” or “Soon enough I’ll move to the mountains and never be seen again!”

And maybe that’s what’s happening. I like the sound of that, but I’m not sure if it’s accurate even if I want it to be.

I think the reality is a little less dramatic than that: Having free time in such an open and tolerant environment has given me the opportunity to explore myself a little bit – and to challenge who I really am along the way. These changes really aren’t anything crazythey’re simply the bi-product of finally having the time and freedom to explore myself. And I think that if everybody had enough free time and a supportive enough environment, you’d be surprised by how different most of us would be.

But the reality is that not everyone gets summers like this; It’s very uncommon to EVER have so much free time AND such a supportive community at once, or even to just have one of these two things for any period of time. So how are any of us supposed to go through the personal change we so desperately know we need?

I’ve had to think about this recently. As lucky as I’ve been to have a summer like this, the school year is quickly approaching, and with it all of the regular school/work/social responsibilities I’ haven’t had for this last few months. I too will have to deal with the real world, and see if I can still make time for the personal development I’m always preaching about.


You don’t NEED excess time and freedom to grow. They help, but commitment to self is what really matters. 

Having this summer made it possible for me to make a lot of change in short amount of time – but that doesn’t mean that when we’re back in the regular day-to-day of life change is impossible. What it really means is that change is still possible, just not as quickly and with a little more difficulty. Regardless of whether you have a lot or a little of time and freedom, the key to personal growth remains the same: Commitment is key.

If you’re committed to yourself, it doesn’t matter how much time or freedom you have; Wherever you are, you will figure out how to work with what you have to do the self-development you need to do. You will make time when you can, and you won’t avoid change no matter what other people think. And this isn’t without difficulty; again, it takes a lot longer when you don’t have a lot of free time and it’s a lot harder to change when you have to consider the opinions of others. But it’s possible, and that’s all that matters.

If you are committed to yourself, you will always make the best of the environments you’re given, and as a result you will eventually make the best of your life.

STOP blaming your lack of success on not having enough time, or on not being surrounded by the right people. Those are important things, but they aren’t impossible to overcome. Success begins with committing to yourself no matter what your circumstances are – then and only then will you truly be able to succeed no matter what.

And at that point, maybe you can work towards eventually being in a place where you have time and freedom. If you get successful enough, you don’t have to be lucky like I was to have a summer of your own. You can simply make it into a lifestyle. That’s what famous people do, and don’t we always wish we could live like them?

So as we move forward, I ask you to stop thinking about the things that are holding you back, and instead make the commitment to yourself before anything else. You don’t need a summer to win. The win is right in front of you. What you need is the commitment to win – the time and freedom will follow.

Let’s go baby.


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